Grohe bathroom products are synonomous with long lasting quality and precision German engineering. Grohe quality is a guarantee that of their products exceed customer expectations by delivering lasting value. In choosing a Grohe product there is piece of mind that every product and componenet has been thoroughly tested for a lifetime of performance, comfort and visual perfection. Industry standards are only the basis for which Grohe approaches quality who aim to exceed customer expectations with their innovative approach to quality. In essence Grohe are world leaders in their field and in independent testing continually perform better than the competition.

Innovative and market leaders Grohe have a number of trademark systems offered in their range that encompass every aspect. The Grohe luxury bathroom fitting range incorporates - Grohe taps, Grohe mixer valves, Grohe thermostatic showers, Grohe kitchen taps, Grohe cisterns, Grohe flushplates and Grohe accessories.

The award winning range incorporates many innovative and world leading trademarked technologies that help keep Grohe ahead of its rivals.

Grohe EcoJoyTM - Integrated water saving technology reduces water and energy consumption without compromising on design, performance and product enjoyment.

Grohe DreamSprayR - An advanced shower engine and perfectly matched nozzles create a unique spray pattern for a pleasurable shower.

Grohe TurboStatR - Reaches the desired temperature in a fraction of a second and reacts instantly to changes in water pressure. Comfort and safety that also saves water and energy.

Grohe CoolTouchR - No risk of scalding on a hot chrome surface. An inner coolingchannel creates a barrier to the hot water supply providing extra safety for the customer.

Grohe QuickFixR - Fewer, less complex parts for faster and easier installation - saving you time and money.

Grohe SilkMoveR - Precise and effortless water control for a lifetime of smooth and comfortable faucet handling.

Grohe StarlightR - A radiant chrome finish that resists soiling and tarnishing for enduring pristine looks.

Grohe WhisperR - Advanced engineering removes noise transfer to the structure of the building for quieter customer operation.

All these fantastic innovations from Grohe allow you to truly "Enjoy Water".

The exciting new kitchen tap range from Grohe include the Grohe Blue and Grohe Red range -  everything you could possibly need at your kitchen sink. The Grohe Red offers you instant boiling water  but features the award winning cool touch system to avoid any risk of burning.


The Grohe blue can give you chilled filtered water - still, slightly sparkling or sparkling.