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Grohe Blue Pure kitchen tap starter kit cp 31 338 000

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If you want pure filtered water on tap then Grohe\`s new innovative product is the answer for you. The Grohe Blue Pure blends a modern design with a revolutionary high-performance filter. This results in  impurities being removed which affect the smell and taste of ordinary tap water. Removal of the taste of heavy metals lime  and chlorine ensure that water filtered by Grohe Blue Pure is exactly as that you would expect from bottled mineral water. 31 338 000

The tap features two independant water feeds one for the filtered water and one for unfiltered water. Food safe PEX hoses ensure that once the water is filtered it can never come into contact with unfiltered water again. A new mousseur features two sepatate areas which maintains the quality of the water as it leaves the tap.

The Grohe Blue Pure delivers fresh  filtered water from your tap 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The LED on the tap also indicates when the filter needs changing. The filter will last upto six months and is capable of filtering 600 litres of water.

Comes complete with glass carafe and filter

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