Mira showers



Here at Designs for life we offer the full range of Mira showers inclusive of the Design collection. The Mira shower range is extensive and from the basic functional shower to the opulent design range the quality is assured and backed up by over 70 years of experience in this field. Mira are pioneers and innovators constantly breaking the mould to bring you showering perfection.

Mira has always been and is still one of the market leaders in shower technology ever since the launch of the World’s first ever thermostatic shower back in 1937.

Initially mixer showers were extensively used in many an industry; hospitals, schools etc.

However, in 1959, Mira developed and launched the first thermostatic mixer shower. This was uniquely designed to cope with all aspects of the UK domestic water supplies. It was this that catapulted Mira into providing showers to the domestic market and made Mira the household name it is today.

The Mira showers range really does offer a solution for everyones needs, the basic requirement is to leave you clean and refreshed but Mira take it much further than that. Glass fascias and slate effect finishes can make your shower an aesthetic addition to your bathroom and not just a functional object. Remote control showers allow you to switch on and have your shower at the desired temperature by the time you step in. Most importantly thermostatically controlled showers ensure you and the little ones have a safe showering experience by maintaining a constant set temperature.

In these times of environmental awareness Mira showers offer showering solutions that can save upto 75% on water usage and are backed up by WRAS, BMA and Waterwise approvals - check each product on the website, all approvals are listed. All Mira showers are also backed up by a manufacturers guarantee of upto 5 years.

Choosing the right shower for your needs is important and the initial basic options are Mira Mixer showers, Mira Digital mixer showers, Mira Electric showers and Mira Power showers. The first step in choosing  a shower to suit your needs is to understand your water system which will guide you to a choice of showering options.

Low pressure Gravity system - typified by a cold water tank in your loft and hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard.

Choose from - Mira Mixer showers (optional pump), Mira Digital showers or Mira Power showers

High pressure - mains pressure combination boiler - typified by a boiler the size of a kitchen cupboard but with no hot and cold storage tanks.

Choose from - Mira mixer showers, Mira digital showers, Energy saving eco shower.

High pressure - mains pressure unvented - typified by having a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard but no cold water tank in your loft.

Choose from - Mira mixer showers, Mira digital showers, Energy saving eco shower.

Cold mains supply - typified by no stored hot water - or not wanting to use stored hot water for showering.

Choose from - Mira Electric showers ( greater kW gives greater flow), Pumped electric shower