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The Grohe range of showers are feature packed and deliver a range of sensations that means you can have the shower of your dreams, helping to revitalize your mind,bidy and soul. Grohe hand, head and side showers are the perfect compliment to the extensive range of Grohe shower systems and hence a you can achieve a showering solution that will suit any installation requirement.

Like with all Grohe products the shower accssory range has award winning technology designed in, the Grohe rainshower system  and Grohe Dreamspray being amongst its greatest innovations.

The Grohe Dreamspray is incorporated into each and every shower and is a winning combination of quality and innovation that results in an unparalleled showering experience. The Grohe dreamspray features a number of spray patterns -

Normal             - regular spray for a refreshing and relaxing effect.

Pure                  - a soft spray reminiscent of a mountain spring.

Rain                 - a rich spray pattern with many soft individual drops

Champagne   - incorporates air bubbles for softly sparkling and tingling sensation.

Jet                     - vigorous spray to stimulate the skin.

Massage         - a pulsating spray for a stimulating massage.

The Grohe Icon shower coolection is a truly iconic and bold design with pioneering aesthetics with coulour choice to suit even the most adventurous.

The Grohe shower range offers its award winning technologies across the range.


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Grohe Euphoria systems
Grohe Rainshower Next Generation systems
Grohe Rainshower Systems

												 							 Grohe bracket for wall mounted exposed shower valve

Grohe bracket for wall mounted exposed shower valve 18 153 000

Price:  £51.40
Special offer price:  £33.41
(35% Off)

												 							 Grohe Grohtherm 2000 Exposed Shower mixer 34 221 000

Grohe Grohtherm 2000 Exposed Thermostatic shower mixer featuring Tempesta Duo shower head. 34 221 000

Price:  £471.98
Special offer price:  £306.79
(35% Off)