Grohe thermostatic showers

Grohe thermostatic showers, Grohe Grohtherm, Grohe 1000, Grohe 2000, Grohe 3000

The range of Grohe thermostatic showers are designed with the worlds most sensitive thermometer in mind your skin. The full range is available in a range of choice and styles and the trademark Grohe TurboStat technology maintains your perfect water temperature for the duration of  your shower.

Each and every Grohe thermostatic valve is award winning technology packaged in a sleek design and full of innovative ideas. 


Please see our Grohe brand guide for fuller explanations of these innovative technologies.

Grohe 3000
Grohe 3000 cosmo
Grotherm 1000
Grotherm 1000 Cosmo
Grotherm 2000