Twyford Rimfree toilets

Twyford, Twyford toilet, Twyford Rimfree toilet.

No rim means the toilet is easy to clean and means that there is nowhere for germs to hide. The ultra-hygenic design makes cleaning the Twyford Rimfree toilets much faster and easier. With no rim shadow also, the bowl itself looks much brighter.

The flushing system clears away residues effectively and cleaning takes less time and less cleaning products. So how does this system work?

Water cascades into the toilet pan from a slot at the back of the bowl. Holes at either end of this slot act as jets, powering water right around the bowl and rinsing it clean quietly and effectively. The smart design ensures that water enters the bowl at precisely the right angle, to maintain it's speed and force. The shape and size of the toilet sump, means that the pressure of the water pushes the contents away quickly and smoothly.

Conventional toilets have a large number of holes under the rim, or a narrow slot running it's length. It's almost impossible to properly clean under the rim. By cleverly redesigning the bowl and flushing system, Twyford have done away completely with the need for a rim. This ensures for a ultra-hygenic design and results in a toilet that is easy to clean.

												 							Twyford Moda Rimfree toilet MD1145 MD2342 and MD7851

Twyford Moda Rimfree toilet MD1145 MD2342 and MD7851

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