Roca Taps

Roca UK, established in 1993, is a dedicated subsidiary of Roca Sanitario S.A and has a permanent base with its own team, warehousing and stock. Roca products have been adapted and developed to comply with British and European standards. Roca UK is accredited to ISO 9002 and Roca Sanitario S.A., the parent company, to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (the International specification for an environmental management system). These accreditations ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as encouraging minimal environmental impact during the process of design and manufacture of our sanitaryware. We have a national coverage of distributors, merchants and retailers, to ensure efficient and fast delivery.

A new concept is the innovative control system in taps equipped with joystick technology. This solution offers a different look to the more traditional single lever design but gives the same performance as our taps with
SofTurn® technology.
Lifetime Guarantee
In accordance with our commitment to create products for you of the highest quality that stand the test of time, we are delighted to offer a lifetime guarantee on all ceramic disc cartridges.
A proximity detector starts the flow when your hands get close and stops the flow when they move away meaning water is only used when necessary. These taps are perfect for public areas.
Taps with progressive technology always start the flow with cold water and as you continually turn the control the flow changes to a mix of hot and cold meaning water systems are only activated when hot water is required thereby saving energy.

The beauty of the hard-wearing chromeplated finish of Roca taps is thanks to the innovative EverShine® chrome-plating system which involves an electrolytic coating. This guarantees that each tap will continue to shine over the years and also makes cleaning easier.
Eco disc cartridge®
This exclusive technology developed by Roca helps to save water and energy. As you raise the tap handle, you reach a level of resistance at 50% of the water flow; by lifting beyond this bite-point, you can achieve full water flow. The cartridge also has a temperature limiter, set when installing the tap, to eliminate
the risk of scalding. It can easily be altered after installation. In addition, Roca taps have other advanced
saving devices such as built-in latestgeneration flow limiters that achieve a considerable reduction in water consumption.
The latest development in materials has allowed us to develop SafeTouch® technology which prevents the chrome-plating of our thermostatic taps from overheating. This eliminates the risk of scalding which is of
great importance to all, particularly those with young children.
Security 38º ®
A security device (a red button) that stops the control knob from being turned past the 38°C point, Security 38° means wellness and comfort can be combined.
Quick Reaction®
Thanks to the development of the Quick Reaction® technology, our thermostatic taps allow you to enjoy the required water flow and temperature in less than 3 seconds. Furthermore, both remain constant irrespective
of variations in the water pressure.#

Enjoy your Roca Taps.