Roper Rhodes



History and Profile

For the last 4 years Design for Life Studio has been an official and proud stockist of Roper Rhodes Bathroom furniture and accessories.

Roper Rhodes Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of bathroom accessories and bathroom furniture. Founded in 1979, and based in the Spa city of Bath, the company has grown into one of the UK’s leading players in the UK bathroom market.

With a massive portfolio of contemporary and classic designs, a wide variety of colours materials and finishes the product range includes; furniture, accessories, washstands, taps, mirrors, cabinets, bath panels and toilet seats.

Why choose Roper Rhodes (our view) 

Here at Designs for Life we offer the full range of Roper Rhodes products. Whether you're looking for a tap, a shower, a mirror, a cabinet or furniture, you'l find what you need here.

Thirty years on from the conception of the company, Roper Rhodes has become one of the very best at building beautiful bathrooms. Functional and stylish and seamlessly put together, the range offers a tailored solution for everyone. Whether you want cutting-edge contemporary or seriously classic, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Whilst roper rhodes maintain product development and style at the forefront of their minds, they are also acutely aware of the need for to maintain safety and quality at the top of their agenda also. To this end, all their showers have TMV2 approval and all their taps and showers are WRAS certified. All Roper Rhodes valves are thermostatic and feature scald prevention and acute temperature control. In the first instance, a sudden change in hot or cold supply can lead to injury, through scalding or shock. The patented thermostatic cartridge maintains the temperature throughout and if there is a sudden loss of supply, the valve will automatically shut down. With the acute temperature control, the blended water is controlled within 1.5 degrees, to ensure maximum safety.

 In addition to this, a number of their taps are supplied with a temperature control function. This allows the maximum blended temperature to be set and is ideal for young children.All Roper Rhodes taps and showers  are guaranteed for 10 years.

In these times of environmental awareness Roper Rhodes offer water saving devices on their taps also. This allows flow rates to be adjusted as required, thus saving precious water

In summing up, Roper Rhodes can provide a stylish and cost effective solution for anyone. roper rhodes furniture can be ultra modern or classic and provides a range of taps, showers, accessories, mirrors and cabinets to compliment the furniture.